Tourism Information for London, Ontario, Canada

A variety of cultural attractions and entertainment venues are available within the city of London. The links below provide some of the resources you'll need to help you plan and enhance your stay. Visit The Weather Network for detailed weather forecasts of London and surrounding areas.


City of London Tourism Information
Information on dining, accomodations, and attractions while in London. Known as the ''Forest City'', London offers plenty of outdoor activities including several kilometers of cycling and hiking paths through parks that line the Thames River.

The Banting House Museum
Known as The Birthplace of Insulin, this home in the heart of London is the place in which the young doctor Banting awoke at two o'clock on the morning of October 31st, 1920, with an idea that would eventually lead him to the discovery of insulin. Today this home is a National Historic Site and a museum dedicated to the life and work of Sir Fredrick Banting.

Eldon House
Constructed in 1834, Eldon House is London's oldest residence. The home remained as a family heirloom until 1960 at which point it was donated to the City of London. Though surrounded by the city today, it remains virtually unchanged since the last century, contains many of the Harris family's treasures, and an immaculate 19th century garden.

Fanshawe Pioneer Village
The Pioneer Village is a living museum of heritage structures from in and around Middlesex County, before the incorporation of London as a city. Tour the village and interact with guides in period costume while exploring Canadian life in the 19th century.

Grand Theatre
This landmark in the city of London is a venue for artists across Canada, having hosted names such as Michael Redgrave, Sidney Poitier, and Leonard Nimoy. During May, 2010, take in Legends: a musical review of stars such as Chuck Berry, CCR, Sonny and Cher, and more, through the '50s, '60s, and '70s.

Museum London
Museum London showcases the works of talented artists, of both local and national reknown. The array of exhibits offers visitors both interactive and interpretive experiences, as well as a dynamic program of music and film features. Stay on for dinner at On the Fork, an elegant restaurant offering internationally inspired cuisine.

The Secrets of Radar Museum
Almost 6,000 Canadians were trained on RADAR by the British during the Second World War, sent to every theatre of war, and sworn to an oath of secrecy. Only since 1991 have these veterans been absolved of their silence, and The Secrets of Radar Museum is dedicated to preserving the experiences, stories, and history of these men and women who helped defend their allies.

Montage of the Spencer Leadership Center



Tourism Information in the Surrounding Area

London is located only two hours east of Toronto, Canada's largest urban centre. We are also only two and a half hours north-west of Niagara Falls, North America's most powerful waterfalls! Below you will find links to resources that will help you plan your extended stay.


Stratford Festival
The Stratford Festival is one of the most prominent theatre festivals in Canada. The 2010 Season will showcase 12 outstanding plays featuring some of the most talented actors from across Canada and abroad. Performances close to the conference dates include As You Like It (May 15, 19, 20, 25), and Peter Pan (May 15, 21, 22). Tickets often sell out early, so please purchase soon if you are planning to attend.

Village of Bayfield
Small town atmosphere, beachside on Lake Huron. The Village of Bayfield offers a sophisticated set of restaurants and shops, and spectacular sunsets over Lake Huron that should not be missed.

Visit the beautiful beach and boardwalk along Lake Huron in "Canada's prettiest town". Goderich contains a unique octagonal town centre, a historic jail, museums, and Canada's largest salt mine. A visit here can easily be combined with a trip to nearby Bayfield.

St. Jacobs Country
The community of St. Jacobs, located about an hour east of London, is a popular destination to take in a part of Canada's Old Order Mennonite heritage, or to explore many of the community's quiet river trails. The St. Jacobs Farmers' Market also presents an opportunity to purchase many high-quality locally produced products.

Point Pelee National Park
Point Pelee National Park is a located less than two hours south-west of London, Ontario, and is a beautiful and lush peninsula extending into Lake Erie. It's an excellent location to go bird-watching, canoeing, or hiking!

City of Toronto Tourism Information
Information on dining, accomodations, and attractions while in Toronto. Home to nearly 3 million inhabitants, Toronto is Canada's largest urban centre and recognized as one of the world's most multicultural metropolises.

36 Hours in Toronto
A New York Times' review of what to see and do in Toronto; for when time is of the essence.

Niagara on the Lake
Easily overlooked for sharing a name with the neighbouring majestic falls, Niagara on the Lake is a community that offers exceptional dining options, superb bed and breakfasts', and tours & tastings of Canada's world class wine estates.

Niagara Falls
Information on dining, accomodations, and traveling to Niagara Falls. The Falls are the most powerful of their kind in North America, more than 110,000 cubic-metres of water fall over their precipice every minute.

Via Rail Canada
Via Rail is Canada provides regular rail service throughout the day between London and Toronto, and connecting routes to Niagara Falls. Tickets may be purchased online here.

Greyhound Canada
Greyhound Canada provides frequent inter-city bus transportation to all major destinations in Ontario.